Saturday Showers

I hope that hand-made wreath graces your front door. Your first front door, where family and friends—who are are mostly family—will come through and sit around your table, propped on elbows and leaning closer to listen above the murmurs of the people you love all around  you and above your favorite song humming behind the gathering—a subtle ballad to bliss. I hope that skillet makes not-so-perfect pumpkin pancakes on a late and rainy Saturday morning and that those pancakes are the beginning of an agendaless day. Oh sweet friend, you’re radiant and lovely and full of that thing that makes him love you.

This good thing. This celebration: tossing tissue paper and tearing up over thoughtful, well-versed cards and dancing barefoot on the carpet to all the songs about love, is quite a way to spend a Saturday. And how you’re eager to herd us in to your cause, your Jesus-centered cause is the thread of it all. We’re here for you, yes, but we are here to champion, to celebrate the good thing that awaits a few weeks from now. The anticipation sets the theme for the pretty party and we are giddy to shower you with gifts and sweet words.

A hush of belonging sings about the room and that moves our hearts to  beat on the same note as you quiet the noise to share about the kindness of God and the rhythm of Grace in your story. Today is not tradition, but a day to delight in, to dance in. We will toast to that. We will dance to that. We will champion that, my friend.

These bags full of things will find places in cupboards and on shelves and soon things will turn into moments. There are high wishes throughout the room that those moments you find sweet will be embraced for as long as the moment possibly allows. These photos, too, you’ll look back at and remember. Maybe you’ll wish you didn’t make that face or wear that dress but you’ll remember that moment when we stood around you to celebrate you and to celebrate and to fight for the things that the world attempts to tear apart.

We are raising a glass to the conquering of a fear that will be conquered for a lifetime, and to the way you’ve drawn us in and shown us your heart. We are hoorah-ing to the little, most resplendent moments that will come from this marriage and we’re rejoicing that we get to be a part of it. Happy pre-wedding days, my darling friend.

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