Patience, Darling

I prayed for it. I honestly yearned for it, when I realized I’d taken the long way. And by long way I mean the wrong way, thus turning around to find the right way. I had all day, why panic? I resisted my heavy right foot and willed patience upon myself. Anxiousness has a funny way of creeping under your skin and making a little home for itself there. It keeps you up at night, mind pacing to and fro. Yet some how, it keeps you from waking in the morning, the lengthiness of it all too intimidating. Forget that. Who needs it, anyhow?

Speed limit, oh how trying. I’ll mind it today. As I trucked a long toward the right way I looked around instead of down. You know, you notice things when you inhibit anxiousness. I noticed for the first time, on a route that I travel nearly everyday, a lime green fence. Who misses a lime green fence? I wondered why anyone would paint a fence such a color. I wondered what type of person lived beyond the fence and if the rest of their residence was painted peculiar colors. Patience causes wonder. Wonder is a little thing that causes bigger things to happen. Wonderful.

As I looked around I started to ponder. For some reason I started to ponder what it would be like to have a stranger as a pen pal. Someone who I didn’t know at all on any personal level to read my personal little thoughts. I thought that might be nice. It might be a nice way to share niceness with someone and to discover myself in a whole new stranger kind of way. How would I to present myself to this stranger? Would I be honest? Or would I take up the freedom of strangerness and create and entirely new self? Patience causes pondering. How thrilling.

A little blip in time. That’s what patience is. Minding the long way my gas light started to innocently yet eagerly blink at me. It would be nice if every long drive, every wrong turn, every stop for gas, every line to wait in, were treated as a little gift of forced waiting. Forced patience. That probably is what those things were created for, if we should assume such things were even created. I assume as much. Just as much as I would assume the most wonderful, pondering things take time and patience to notice.

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