Writing 101, Day 2 “A Room With a View”

Okay, doing this challenge thing on my own time… but doing it nevertheless! This assignment was to write of where we would be if we could transport anywhere. It is unintentionally short, but I decided I liked it that way. Enjoy.

It’s not so much that I would rather be there than here–there is nothing particularly wrong with here, it’s just that, whenever I think of what I wish or desire, I paint this moment: 

I am standing at the crest of before and after. At the top of the isle I clutch my father’s arm, his coat crumples and wrinkles beneath my nervous grip. He whispers to me some expression of forever love and I inhale shaky sobs. I don’t answer, that would be too much right now, but I know he knows I love him too. I’m closing my eyes waiting for the guitar to pluck my cue when warm sunlight suddenly and relentlessly creeps underneath them. I open them at once, and find myself face to face with Him. Our open eyes are locked and steady. He is statuesque, white knuckled, and unmoving–all except for His quivering lip, His twitching smile, and His perfectly twinkling eyes. There’s my cue.

1 thought on “Writing 101, Day 2 “A Room With a View””

  1. So sad that I didn’t read this sooner…. but so happy that I’ve read it now and that I have to opportunity to read it over and over. Just beautiful. xo

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