Believe on your knees



For five months Faith has had cancer. 1/12 of her five-year-old life has been spent in and out of a hospital bed, hooked up and strapped down. The past five months for her family have seen innumerable prayers, unfathomable pain and fear, and relentless love from a God who can save.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop.

2 minutes ago I read the short news of Faith’s current state: “Things have worsened. Her intestines are slowly shutting down, acid is building up in body, blood pressure is slowly going down. It doesn’t look good, but thank you for prayers.”

1 minute ago, a familiar face from church walked up to my table and with all the joy in the world handed me his iPhone with a photo of his brand-new baby grandson.

I am not sure what to do. Do I drop to my knees screaming to God above to save? Do I cry? Do I go back to my homework? I do not know. All I know to do is that I have to do something. We all do. We all have to take one big breath and realize the weight, the depth the capacity of life. We have but a few moments to do something. But in those few moments the world can change.

In a matter of one hundred and twenty seconds, my quiet time of homework and espresso sipping was interrupted by life passing and by life beginning. I’m stuck somewhere in the middle, finally touching the brilliantly wonderful gift I have been given–breath, life, a beating heart.

Cancer seems to be a big, angry giant closing in on everyone around us. It takes the young and the old and even the middle people too. It cares for no one. It comes stomping and roaring into our lives and then slowly suffocates our hope.

I tell you, all you people, God hears the voice of his children. He is not a silent being. We silence Him ourselves with our timid prayers, and our doubtful faith.  If you desire something, He says ask…he says seek. Gosh I desire this girl’s heart to stay beating, I desire her life to be lived. I will not let go of that prayer.

People do not let go of your prayers. Christ has given us the miraculous gift to be able to come to the feet of the Creator of the world and plead with Him, and cry with Him. God desires a church who believes in Him, whose faith can move mountains. He does not need it. No–He wants it, he yearns for it. He yearns to care for and love His creation. He is calling for us who He came down to save to be a people of great faith, a people who cry out to Him in need, who trust in Him to move. Pray when your knees cannot hold you, when your hands are too heavy to be lifted, when your heart is too laden to hope.

He is not silent. Oh please pray for life. Pray for Faith.

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