I sat in a crowded cafeteria. Ninety percent of the four-hundred students in that building would admit to believing and following Jesus. How stinking beautiful. I smiled and sat looked down at my spinach salad with zero calorie oriental dressing, suddenly dumbfounded. Every student in that building had something to eat. There are things of the earth not only provided to fill us, but to satisfy us. 

What if every single professing Christian in that room lived as though they desperately needed God? What if I lived daily, hourly, minutely, as if I recklessly depended on Jesus to provide? 

The fact is, I do.. and I don’t even know it. 

We were made to need. Humans do not, and cannot depend on themselves. We depend on everything outside of us to function: air, water, food, relationship. All things that can break us just as easily as they make us. 

Things that run out, things that are polluted, things that are broken, these are the things we fill ourselves with.

The only source that never fails, that never runs dry, that always satisfies, is the One who provides it all. He made it all to be perfect; and through his Son brought perfection back into the world. Now through sinful eyes we glimpse at Perfection. He is in our midst.. leading us to endless glory. 

“you shall eat your bread to the full and dwell in the land securely.” 

“I have broken the bars of your yoke and made you walk erect.”

Leviticus 26

2 thoughts on “Need”

  1. Hi Taylor. You may remember me. I am friends with your mom and Alan through the Audio Shoppe. I love your perspective, your sense of awareness, gratitude and generosity. You have much wisdom too. I encourage you to keep writing, keep sharing and keep seeking Him. All the best to you, as is our Father’s greatest joy and desire for you.


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