There are many instances in my life where I find myself unable to recall the last five minutes. I try and try, but all I seem to come up with is what I am trying to do next.

It was in the car (dear Claudia- my boyfriend’s Hyundai), watching cars recklessly weave through easy traffic, that I decided that I want to live differently than the world around me. How much do I miss while I am running through life trying to make it to the next step?

Deadlines and meeting times cause me to rush, to frantically make it from place to place, to hurriedly end checklist after checklist. College is to time as credit cards are to money, we are spending what we just do not have.

So I am proposing a project, calling it “Stop and Smell the Roses.” I have tried this once before.. and miserably failed. I saw schedules and planners and dates as a waste of time, and radically threw aside all traces of schedules and plans. Decided to “go with the flow.”

That left me an unorganized, chaotic, hot hot mess. Even more time was wasted working out knots in double booking and not knowing where I needed to be or what I needed to get done.

I  have two planners now, one for social events and RA duties, the other for homework and newspaper deadlines. Seem like I am going backwards in my theory? Oh quite the contrary.

I will be the first to tell you that I detest scheduling blocks of time for things like coffee dates and lunch outings. I would much rather meet you somewhere without time in mind. Give me a good cup and company and I am content for days on end. However, I have realized that it is just not doable in the college season. And that is okay. This is a season I have chosen, and will strive to endure.

However, I must not forgot that the good God who created this beautiful world, has placed me in it to notice it.. to delight in it, to enjoy it So while I am effective in my scheduling, I am not rigid. I am letting go of worry, taking the long way, leaving early, and driving slower.

On that same ride, Cooper missed our exit, and went the direction opposite of the correct one. Before we could get frustrated, we realized it was because of our involvement in enjoying being with each other that we misplaced our sense of direction. So we turned around and the ride was a little longer, but isn’t that wonderful?

Take a detour, enjoy the ride.

Until I see you again,

Taylor 🙂

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