Snotty Noses and Chocolate Chip Cookies

I know how I got sick. I'm up at 3 am, sitting upright trying to drain my snotty nose, frustrated that it winds up in my already snotty throat. I wracked my brain trying (which is never a smart 3 am activity) to figure out how this happened again. For three weekends in a row,… Continue reading Snotty Noses and Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fall, Some Self Talk, and The Mystery of Hope

I'm thankful that seasons change. That summer shifts to fall. I'm thankful that nothing can stop the autumn from coming -- the vibrant green leaves from falling from their branches, turning to crisp hues of golden wonder. I'm thankful that nothing can stop the breeze from breaking the summer heat. I'm thankful that this season, however long it lasts, will end.

Just a Lump of Dirt Trying to Write a Book

A couple of years ago, I think God told me to write a book. I say that, but I don't always know what that means. What I do know is that my scattered thoughts have made the most sense when they've been laid out on a page. I open up my head and my heart like a box of puzzle pieces and dump them onto the blank white space. Some need to be turned over and straightened out. We definitely need to start with the edge and corner pieces. And, when it's just about done, we'll go back in and fill in the missing places with the aha! pieces that were right in front of our faces the entire time.